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Optional use of entrenching tool against rifle with fixed bayonet

     Optional use of entrenching tool against rifle with fixed bayonet. An optional use of entrenching tool against a rifle with fixed bayonet is for the attacker to lunge to the stomach of the defender. The defender steps to the outside of the line of attack at 45 degrees to avoid the weapon. He then turns his body and strikes downward onto the attacking arm (on the radial nerve) with the blade of the entrenching tool.

Side Knee Kick

     Side Knee Kick. When an opponent launches an attack—for example, with a knife it is most important for the defender to first move his entire body off the line of attack as the attacker moves in. As the defender steps off at 45 degrees to the outside and toward the opponent, he strikes with a short punch to the floating ribs.

Belgian Takedown

     In the Belgian take down technique, the unsuspect- ing sentry is knocked to the ground and kicked in the groin, inducing shock. The soldier can then kill the sentry by any proper means. Since surprise is the essential element of this technique, the soldier must use effective stalking techniques.

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